Will you be making enough money from your course of study, work and business in the next few years?

If you think your course of study, current job/business and one source of income will sustain you in the coming years, I’m sorry to tell you are making a very BIG MISTAKE!

Reading through this piece and reasoning with me will make you realize that 9-5 job in coming years will be insufficient to protect you and your family from this looming disaster.

The ongoing pandemic has indeed revolutionized the way things work and has changed somethings forever!

Look around and observe everyone that’s making money even during this lockdown and observe the kind of services they are offering – what is bringing them money!

A lot of businesses you’d agree with me have run into great losses and may never recover from their own mistakes.

A lot of workers have been laid off, some on suspension without pay.

Our dear Banks are laying off workers too!

All these businesses you’d agree with me are finding it difficult to work from home.

They are used to their brick-and-mortar stores, therefore, they cannot cope with this pandemic.

Dear friend, incase you don’t know, let me tell you changes that have been made to the way our usual system works:

1. Demand for freelancers has increased greatly; especially for freelancers that work from everywhere across the globe.

2. We have entered the skill economy: Companies are tired of paying full-time workers when they can hire people with their skills on the web!

3. After this pandemic, the unemployment rate will skyrocket. Many more staffs will be laid off!

Answer these questions truthfully yourself:

1. Do you think your current skill and course will be able to buy you a very bright future?

2. Will you be able to cater for your friends and loved ones during the incoming storm?

3. How will you fight off the great competition in the labour market to get a job?

I don’t mean to scare you! Naira is falling by the day. 

What does that mean?

Inflation is rising, you would need to make as much money as possible to counter the effect on your standard of living.

Since we have both agreed that making an extra sum of money is what can prevent you from sinking in the incoming storm,

Also, you don’t want to beg people for money, you want to be able to take care of yourself and your families.

What should you do to make big money in the shortest amount of time and will still be relevant in the future?

A skill that can bring you more than your course of study ever will!

There is no catch,

“money is a product of value creation “

Joseph Don

You must be able to render a service that individuals, especially business owners are dying for, the one that can help them make more money.

There are over 100,000 businesses in Nigeria and over 60% of them are doing things the wrong way!

Here is an industry you can enter in the shortest amount of time and be making 6 figures monthly working from home. But first, who are those dying to pay for your expertise?

As we have both seen and observed, most businesses are running at a loss while a very few ones are still making as much money as they are making before COVID-19; even more!

These profitable businesses have invested in building their online reputation, they are still spending more!

Now, these small businesses on the verge of going bankrupt have realized that they need to be able to make the best use of the internet for their businesses from finding customers to making sales.

Majority of business owners don’t know how to transition into the online world. The road is tough for them.

That is where you come in as the Messiah!
Equipped with the knowledge of digital marketing, you’d be able to help businesses:

1. Draw up strategies to swiftly transition move into the online space and be profitable in the shortest amount of time.

2. Help businesses leverage social media networks to increase their visibility and communicate efficiently with their customers by automated means.

3. Help them minimize wasteful spending on their advertisements.

4. When you need something fast, I bet you would GOOGLE IT! You will help them position their businesses on Search engines such that they will always show up when someone searches for their product.

The list is long and infinite.

Besides, knowledge of digital marketing allows you to understand what the buying behaviour of people are. 

This means if you are someone that wants to make as much money as possible in the shortest period just like me, you will build your own business too – WITHOUT EVER LEAVING YOUR ROOM! 

You will be making more than Doctors every month if you are serious with it.

Easy Peasy, right? I bet it’s true.

You still have some few questions right?

I have compiled a list of “20 Must-Know Facts about Digital Marketing" where I explained in-depth, the requirements to be a digital marketer, blueprint to be making at least #200,000 per month with Digital Marketing skills, the areas in digital marketing and a host of other important questions you have in mind and things you need to know before venturing into Digital Marketing.

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