This girl right here is a go-getter. She turned $20 into $50 in 50 minutes.
Daniella told me that she really wants a MacBook Air for her upcoming birthday in June when she turns 10.

I explained to her that we give a certain amount for her birthday and that it’s nowhere near the $1,200+ for a MacBook Air.
I told her if her dad and the rest of the family is cool with it, she could ask everyone to put what they were going to get her together to go towards the MacBook.
She then might have enough to get her MacBook, or she might not. Then I said we can get creative.
I told her that she could go earn the rest by selling products door to door, and that I’d help show her what to do at first.
She was all in.
We went to the Dollar Store and invested $20 on 5 boxes of chocolate, 5 heart shaped sweet tarts, and 5 teddy bears.
I also explained that this $20 was an advance from her birthday money so she had skin in the game from the get-go.
Next, we determined that she was going to offer the box of chocolates or sweet tarts first and sell both items for $4 a piece.
If the homeowner did not want either item, then she would down sell to the teddy bear at $2 a piece.

Her sales pitch was this:
Daniella: Hello (sir or ma’am) how are you doing this evening?
Homeowner responds
Daniella: Great! I’m stopping by to save you a last second trip to the store in case you forgot to get your significant other a Valentines Day gift for tomorrow. And even if you did get a gift already, I brought more for you so that you can make this year memorable. Would you like a box of chocolate for $4, heart shaped sweet tarts for $4, or both for $8?
Daniella’s response if homeowner said no: No worries. Since you don’t want the others, how about this Teddy Bear? It’s only $2.
Daniella’s response if homeowner asked what this fundraiser was for: I’m doing this to earn a computer that I really want so that I can start my YouTube channel. That’s why I’m here at your door now saving you the hassle of leaving your home to get a gift.
This worked well for a few reasons:
1) She was providing these homeowners a convenience of V-Day gifts without the pain of having to leave their home.
2) Instead of asking for a sale, she offered 3 options to choose from.
3) If the homeowner didn’t take the first 3 options, the down sell to the teddy bear was effective because it was less money in contrast to the other items ($2 vs $4) and the home owners felt a need to reciprocate when Daniella said, “Since you don’t want the others, How about the Teddy Bear? It’s only $2.”
4) Most people respected the fact that a 9 year old girl was putting in the work to earn her MacBook Air, and were happy to participate.
She sold out in 50 minutes. That’s a $30 profit and a 60% profit margin.
Her mother and I decided to give her $200 for her upcoming birthday, so now Daniella is at $230. She’ll have enough for her MacBook well before June at this rate.
These skills that she’s learning, persuasion, will pay dividends for her throughout her entire life.
First thing Daniella said after she sold her last item:
“This is awesome! Now I need to sell my dad on letting me have a phone.”

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