I’m David Otaru, a student of University of Ibadan, 400 Level Psychology, a wardrobe consultant, stylist, a budding photographer and Litigation executive by profession.
My brand name is Adiella Wears (interim) subject to change because we’d be involve in quite a number of projects.
Instagram @adiella_wears snapchat @adiellawears twitter @adiella_wears
QUESTION: when did you start Adiella wears and what’s it about?
ANSWER: Yeah, well, I’ve been in this since my childhood because I weave Aso Oke and also help mum at the store.
Make shoes and do other leather works, but I’d say I started out since 2013 if am correct.
I kind of have a lot going on, I was involve in so many thing, though Aso Oke is the bigger dream.
Only in the luxury clothing and accessories to gather momentum to build the dream.

Where are you based? As in adiella wears
ANSWER: Thank you so much 😊
We are based in Lagos, it’s an online platform.
Where people can visit our instagram page, whatsapp and other channels.
We just opened our walk-in store, in which prospective shoppers can easily walk in to shop conveniently.

QUESTION: What were the challenges you faced while gaining grounds?
ANSWER: Getting customers to trust us enough to send money to us without meeting in person
Despite the fact that there are lot of scam out there
Quality and pricing in the sense that, some customers see same products cheap elsewhere not knowing that quality differs and some scam deliberately quote cheap price to attract naive customers to scam them.

How do you get people’s goods to them?
Those outside lagos.
ANSWER: It is very easy and seamless, working with different transport companies
For those outside the country, we use courier services such as FedEx and DHL
We get their details and send it via the transport company in which they call the prospective customers when they arrive their destination.

QUESTION: Oh, that’s nice.
What about payment, is it on delivery or before service?
ANSWER: We do payment before delivery for customers outside lagos and Nigeria
On exceptional cases we do payment before delivery for those in Lagos too.

QUESTION: What if I’m not satisfied or anything, do I get a refund?
ANSWER: We only change the products we don’t refund, except we sent something different or there’s a factory issues.
And with all due respect, some customers don’t know what sizes they wear and fit perfectly, which I understand quite alright because I’ve been there, still find it difficult to settle for a size because in shoe personally, I wear 3 different sizes comfortably

QUESTION: Let me ask you, why did you start this business?
ANSWER: Wow, thank you for this question.
As a young child, I’ve always love looking good, fashion and all
Also, I venture into the business in order to socialize, meet people outside my jurisdiction
As a way of breaking out of my introverted nature

QUESTION: Where are you taking Adiella wears to in 5 years from now?
ANSWER: It’s big and beyond words, but I’d say it will be of international standard
Like I said, the luxury clothing is not the dream, locally made clothing, shoes and accessories from Aso Oke.

QUESTION: Is Adiella Wears worth calling a success now?

Thank you

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