FatAdedotun Designs started out officially in 2014. The CEO is Fatokun Adedotun, a 300 level student of the department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan. The aim of the brand is to be a leading fashion brand for generations to come.

QUESTION: when did you start

ANSWER: As an apprentice, late 2012
As a pro, late 2014

QUESTION: What was your major challenge when this brand started?

ANSWER:well, if you ask me, my major challenge then was being open to learning.
Thing is, although I have a liking for fashion designing, I decided to learn cos of my inability to gain admission.

I was learning on my street, where lots of people know me apparently.
My main challenge was these people see me all the time. After 2 or 3 have seen me there, they were asking questions like am I not going to school anymore??? Some were giving this “unserious” boy look.

That was my main challenge. Letting these people understand that learning these things is not about being unserious

You mentioned you being a PRO now, are you trying to say you are your own boss at the moment?

ANSWER:Well, that’s πŸ’―.
But I’m still on the look out for being better. I’m trying to get an internship currently with one of the leading fashion brands in Nigeria.
I’m not going to be an apprentice there, no, I’m heading there to learn more about the administrative part of the business.
Not like going there to be an apprentice anymore.

QUESTION: Quick one
Have you ever been embarrassed by a client? How did you handle it?

ANSWER: Lol, it was embarrassing.
Made a suit for a big client.
I was happy I paid attention to details n all.
On getting there to deliver, told him to try it and he did. Everything fits perfectly. He accessed the trousers n loved it.

Then boom! He lowered his head in disappointment, then he held his head like thisπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚,
I was like, sir, what’s the problem.

He said I made the suit like a native dress. He told me I ought not to have made the sleeve reach his wrist, so his shirts would show, + his cufflinks.

Mehn, he wouldn’t take it from me o.
I had to go take it back to adjust me, took me hours to loosen then adjust cos its a suit.

It was embarrassing but at the same time, I learnt.

QUESTION: There are so many fashion designers out there, how do you plan to make your brand the outstanding one?

ANSWER: Well, lots of plan.
But just like a baby doesn’t grow to be an adult in a day. Then, I’m not in a rush too.
Only thing I can say right now is that, expanding the business is a process. A phase in every process.

Right now, the face we’re in as a brand is the elite-learning. Elite learning is what I just told you about in the previous message.

After that, I’d think of the next.
But publicity is not what I’m really after now, people would come n patronize definitely, but we wanna have a very strong base that’d make them generational customers.
That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to.

QUESTION: I am the world, should I be expecting any form of positive impact from your brand?

ANSWER: Yeah sure.
Like making the world a better place with some of the revenue generated.
Things like that. There’s still a long way to go tho

QUESTION: Alright.
How do you use the social media to aid the growth of your brand?

ANSWER: Well, honestly, social media has grown my business with about 80%
I tend to reach lots of clients by reaching out to them + publicizing using pictures of my works.

QUESTION: On a scale of 0-100%, rate how satisfied your customers are?

QUESTION: Do you have anything else to say to upcoming fashion designers? The world at large?

ANSWER: Pls, deal with your clients with integrity.
Give them the best.
Learn more if you need to and above all, stay innovative. ✌🏾✌🏾

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