FW DESIGNS is a fresh graphic designing brand that started just a month ago. However, the plan of the CEO Williams Olufunso Victor(@ill_liam on Twitter and instagram) is to make it an internationally recognised brand. He’s a final year student of the University of Ibadan studying Teacher Education. He’s a choreographer, writer and teacher.
When asked why he decided to go into graphics, he said “I’ve always been more effective using my psychomotor skills , this made me venture into dance at first but I also realized I love working on my system and its becoming addictive, so I decided to channel the energy into something productive. I went into video editing, beat making until I found a stable interest in Graphic Design.
QUESTION: How has it been since last month?
ANSWER: Tasking , interesting and exploring

QUESTION: How did you learn graphics?
Were you taught by a professional or it was a personal thing?
Personal in the sense that you made use of YouTube.
ANSWER: Both personal and professional
Most of my learning was online tho.
Took an online course
Also learnt from a friend

QUESTION: You started a month ago and I’m sure you are aware of the fact that there are many graphic designers out there. How do you plan to make FW DESIGNS a different brand?
ANSWER: firstly, I’m not into competing with designers in my locality, I’m focused on competing with international designers. In that case I’ll have to up my game, stay updated and concentrate of giving my customers the best. If I could do that successfully I won’t have problem with designers here.

QUESTION: I see you plan on being an internationally recognised brand
And that’s good. So, what’s the main aim of FW DESIGNS?
ANSWER: The aim is to take graphic design beyond the general thinking of paper printing, web design and animation, it’s high time they realized graphic is practical representation of your imaginations.

QUESTION: Wow! Practical representation of your imaginations 😎😎😎.
And how do you plan to do that?
ANSWER: I’ll start with how I present my work to my customers… have a goal of organizing a workshop too.

QUESTION: Where do you see FW DESIGNS in 2018?
ANSWER: in a word. Beyond d shores Nigeria.. I want to design for DreamWorks, Disney

😎That’s a big one
Good luck…. and “wordful”πŸ˜ƒ
ANSWER: extremely big. It;s abt determination tho. Thanks.

How has the social media been of help?
Or you don’t have a social media account yet?
ANSWER: I have not started using social media yet in advertising myself , I’m taking it step by step.
I want to have a lot of designs to put on social media.

QUESTION: I understand.
With the feedbacks you’ve gotten from people for the past one month, how satisfied can you say your customers are?
ANSWER: contented I believe I can be better… somtimes I do designs I don’t like but customers like
Mixed feelings.

Thank you.

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