QUESTION: Tell me about yourself, and the name of your brand
ANSWER: I’m Olatundun Moses Oyewale by name. Olumose_pixels is the name of my brand.
A graduate of Linguistics and communication studies, Osun State University.
I am single
I love purposeful minds and intelligent minds.
I don’t look down on anyone and
I see every reason to learn everyday though painful at times but put the shame at side.
I am a photographer in making, I shoot Movies 🎥 and I make events Videos too.
I am an Gospel Actor and I play Talking drum too.
I dislike pretenders and people full of ignorance.
I love to try new things.
Am the last and only son of 3 in my family. Gbam!!

QUESTION:😃 Awesome. Let’s work with photography for now.
When did you start?
ANSWER: I started year 2015

QUESTION: And how has it been since 2015? The journey
ANSWER: The Journey has been really good but definitely some rough roads

QUESTION: Definitely.
Can you tell me some of the major challenges you faced?
Low patronage
Working with people you met on the field, they will look down at you.
Clients not ready to pay well.
Types of clients
Fear of the future.

QUESTION: Fear! Strong word. How did you face your fear?
ANSWER: You work really hard and pray well to get and retain clients. This is not an easy field. You have to meet up with standards in vogue but the equipments are very expensive.
You don’t know what it entails until you’re into it.
The challenges enumerated above has a long way to go.
Photography is a wide angle.
There are so many people on the field because of white collar job opportunities.
Many are into it not because of passion but just for income.

QUESTION:Where do you think Olumose_pixels stand now?
Is it a success?
ANSWER: Going towards success but far from where I used to be. Because Success has a long way to go.
I have never regretted have chosen this field.

QUESTION: On a scale of 0-100%, rate your customer’s satisfaction?
ANSWER: My clients are 90% satisfied choosing *Olumose_pixels*

QUESTION: Any embarrassing moments?
ANSWER: Any embarrassing moments?

QUESTION: Do you make use of the social media? How has it helped your business?
ANSWER: Social media has really been of help to me publicising my works especially Facebook. It works for me alot.
Have met and worked with unknown clients outside the country. It helps to connect with old friends and their patronage.
Instagram has never worked for me but Facebook works for me.

QUESTION: Do you have anything else to say? Advice or anything
ANSWER: My advise to talents out there is to Put God first,let him define your giftings and let passion drive you endlessly. But Talents must be ready to learn at any time.

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