My name is Olayinka Joseph Adebajo. I am from Lagos State and from a family of six.
My parents are indigenes of Ogun State.
I am into Civil Leadership and Advocacy. I have volunteered at so many levels with several organisations while I also have major leadership positions in some youth-led organisations.
I am the Founder and Programmes Director at One Voice Initiative For Women and Children Emancipation.
I am who they call ‘A Versatile Social Entrepreneur’
QUESTION: You have two major brands, what are their names?
ANSWER: One Voice Initiative For Women And Children Emancipation.
The second one is Ibadan Traffic NG and few of so many other platforms.

Let’s start with OVIWCE. When did you establish this organisation?
ANSWER: We started unofficially in 2016
Officially this year as we just finished our registration with the corporate affairs commission.

QUESTION: How was the journey of one year for you?
Before you became official
ANSWER: Wow….the journey was rough and tough. From singlehandedly running up and down due to the management structure we had through last year. Having to solicit for sponsors, ask for donations and considering the economy. At some point It became necessary to go broke just for our beneficiaries to get maximum satisfaction.
The Team was, see and is terrific. Though managing people is quite difficult…but we’ve really been giving it our best shot. This is why we’re here 😃

What made you establish this organisation?
This question is quite deep. It has always been my dream to start a youth-led organisation with the aim of propagating generousity and kind. I was already a graduate and working when I took the risk towards birthing the organisation and that opportunity came when I got admitted into UI.
It has always been my dream to study in the University of Ibadan. I have always imagined myself standing in the midst of well-many students, taking the lead and benevolently followed with truth and genuinty. I thank God I accepted that decision and today I have no regrets.

QUESTION: So, tell me
What’s the main aim of OVIWCE?
ANSWER: Our starting aim was to propagate the aim and objectives of the United Nations. And we’ve been doing this by getting involved in the achievement of the Sustainable development goals.
One of our other objectives(objectives) is to be able to provide for our beneficiaries(Women, Children, Youth) by meeting their needs and solving every societal problems that affect them, numerous problems. This is why we don’t limit ourselves to just solving specific issues like some other organisations. That’s why when I get some questions like “What is the major aim”, i tend not to answer such because most of these problems are interwoven, instead of having specifics, we’d rather partner with other organisations to solve the issues. We encourage partnership a lot.

QUESTION: That’s the spirit sire, teamwork.
I’m sure you make use of the social media, has it been of help?
ANSWER: It has been of immense help. As I’ve gotten several other volunteer roles as the handler.

That answers my question on how it has been of help in a way.
Before we move on to Ibadan traffic NG
I’m sure you have it in mind to paint a really big picture for all to see, where do you see One Voice Initiative in 10 years from now?
ANSWER: Wow…Big dream, i see OVIWCE though as a non-profit, birthing several other organisations. OVIWCE will become a big brand, A Group of Incorporated Trustees. We will be a force to reckon with Globally and we shall not want while in our cause to make the world a best place.

QUESTION: Tell me about Ibadan Traffic NG
ANSWER: Ibadan Traffic NG was originally a platform I created to help improve Traffic situation in Ibadan…but as time went by…the “Traffic” became more of a marketing move. A major force nurtured towards helping SMEs and other huge organizations pull Traffic towards their products and Services. On Ibadan Traffic NG, We do Adverts and Promotion of businesses

How exactly do you operate now?
ANSWER: I basically operate with my mobile for now. Ibadan Traffic NG platform seeks to be one of the major source of funds for the OVIWCE on the long run.

QUESTION: I guess it’s safe to assume that both are kind of interwoven then.
ANSWER: On the long run

QUESTION: What are the other things you do?
Asides managing Ibadan Traffic NG.
I can’t say all hère….
I work with an Engineering Firm in Lagos
I am the Project Enginèer at NITEO Limited, Lagos.
I’ve managed several other platforms…I am the social media strategist at SDSN UI
I am the Director, Students Cluster at AYUC, Oyo State.
Let’s leave It at that.

QUESTION: Wow! Interesting.
How do you manage all these posts?
Your time and all.
ANSWER: Well, it’s just down to dedication and commitment. I tend to manage my time well whilst not giving every irrelevant activities my time. I sleep late and wake early. I believe all these will be a sweet story someday. So for me, it’s fast pace, accuracy and pure dedication. Thanks 😁

QUESTION: Let’s close with this.
Tell me about OVIWCE. Shed more light .
ANSWER: OVIWCE is a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organisation that is driven by the need to care for the less privileged, provide their basic needs and create solutions to pressing societal issues.
With just a few volunteers in Ibadan, OVIWCE started in 2016 and so far, has been able to spread her wings to other parts of the country, Nigeria.
The International Women’s Day and World Sickle Cell Day commemoration in 2017 were developmental and advocacy projects which OVIWCE has organised and participated in, to mention but a few and we do not intend to stand by but to press on.
IG and Twitter – @oviwce_
One Voice Initiative for Women and Children Emancipation on Facebook and Linkedln
OVIWCE on youtube

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