I am Jayeola Oluwabukunmi, the last of three kids. I finished from Taisolarin University, Ogun state in 2015.

Christianah: What’s the name of the business you run?
Purplehouse stitches and makeup artistry

Christianah: Purplehouse, How did you come about the name?
Purple is my best colour, and I actually want a name that is catching … so I came up with purplehouse

Christianah: That’s nice. What brought about the concept, Passion or unemployment?
Passion. I have always loved fashion and creativity

Christianah: How long have you been in the business?
I started my fashion line a year ago and for makeup two years ago. But I opened my store in January

Christianah: Who are those you started sewing for or making up for?
Both started with friends and I get customers from there

Christianah: Tell us more about your business and the challenges so far.
Purplehouse consist of two things, a fashion line and a makeup. There are challenges in this business. Especially from clients. Some clients are never satisfied. I’ve seen a client who gave me a style and I guess she forgot the style she chose. She came back saying I did a different style. I was trying to tell her it’s the same style but she kept on arguing.

Christianah: Can you rate the satisfaction of your customers then?
You know what, some people never get satisfied, no matter how you try but 80 out of 100 is cool

Christianah: How big is the customers base, since everyone is into this business these days?
Fine, people are really into it but your job will speak for you

Christianah: What are the mediums used to publicize the business and how have they been helpful?
Billboard and signpost, even the social media such as Instagram and Facebook and it’s really helping

Christianah: Any coworkers or apprentices?
Yes I have 5 fashion stylists and 4 apprentices

Christianah: What do you think of what fashion is becoming these days, classy or trashy?
Classy though we fashion designers are really bringing old trends back to modern style

Christianah: Anything you’ll like to say or add?
People should really look at fashion positively, fashion is something that can never age.

Christianah: Alright, thank you very much for your time Ma’am
You are welcome ma

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