Strength Project is a brand born out of the desire to give solutions to problems. It started last year December and facilities cover post construction cleaning, cleaning, facilities management, property management etc. They are also into;
-Children event and social event management
-Industrial and products marketing.
The CEO is Oluwaseyitan Akinyoola. He hails from Oyo state and he’s an undergraduate of food engineering at department of food science and engineering, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. Mr Seyitan is an entrepreneur.
QUESTION: Tell me about Strength Project Global Limited.
ANSWER: The main aim is to give solutions to project using strategies and unique approaches.
Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company, to build a place where people can come to find solution.
To give every project its own best solution.
Everything is project with us and we give the best strategies to solve it.

QUESTION: When did you start?
Our company got incorporated late last year.
So I will say officially we started December last year.

QUESTION: And how has it been since then?
Challenging and very interesting.
But with all glory be to God.

QUESTION: You mentioned something about post construction cleaning, please shed more light on that.
We do after building completion cleaning, clearing, fumigating, and make d building ready for new occupant
Not only new buildings we are also in charge of occupants cleaning, renovation etc

So, where do you operate?
ANSWER: Our head office is in Lagos.
But we are working to get an operational office in ogbomoso soon.

QUESTION: Where do you see this brand 5 years from now?
Very good question
One of the main dream of this company is that in 5 years we want to have direct employment of 200 and indirect employment of more than 500.
Our dream is to alleviate human suffering and provide job and living for Nigerians.

QUESTION: How about now?
Do you have people working with you?
ANSWER: Yes and I see dem as many fantastic team. For now we are 12
And it remains my most blessed asset for now.

QUESTION: How did you choose them?
ANSWER: Each of my team members are also entrepreneurs, I only bring in entrepreneurs as team members, because this is one area that make us unique.
With our different specialisations.
Also, I look at charisma.
And lastly I can’t work with any person who is addicted to alcohol.
I take my time study that.

QUESTION: What really inspired this from the start?
ANSWER: This is one area I love sharing.
Most of everything we are into, I learned it though the hard way, have worked as a cleaner, have hawked products for companies, have done service boy at events, have organised small and major events in committee both at church and social gatherings, have worked in a construction site, have done estate agent.
So with books and attending seminars and workshops, I rediscovered myself that I can make a big living from this experiences.
So I talked with two of my closed friends and that is how we started.
But something really motivated me that I can do it.
Last year I chaired and chief hosted a national event for all tertiary institution detachment of the Nigerian Red Cross society, this achievement gave birth to the moral of trying more new things

QUESTION: Interesting.
Do you make use of the social media?
ANSWER: Yes ooo
Every young entrepreneur is also digital marketer oo

QUESTION: How has it been of help?
For me social media has not brought direct consumers oo, it has brought publicity and also opportunities to keep on expressing myself.

Thank you for your time and cooperation .

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