Following its mission to brand all of Africa, TOA Group, a fast growing creative branding agency, is set to launch out some innovative projects, products and services.

Speaking on reasons for the release of the new products, the company’s CEO; Ore Afolayan in a Facebook post remarked;
‘When we started out many seconds ago, our focus was to help professionals, micro, small and medium enterprises build an identity, engage in social conversations as well as create brand awareness.
In many ways, the founding mission of TOA Group—“to brand Africa, all of Africa”—is even evident and more important today, in a world where brands now understand that branding goes beyond a cute logo. Hence, they diligently search for solutions to their unique brand challenges.

Set to answer the question posed by its vision- “Hi, how can I serve you better?” TOA Group will be introducing some innovative projects, products and services into the market.

They include:
TOA Media: A weblog that enlightens brands on happenings around them and projections of the future.
The Ad: An online service that enables Micro, Small and Medium enterprises to create awareness about products and services, using tools such as Copywriting, Designs and Studio production.
Develub: An online community of professionals that facilitate Career Coaching through social interactions.
Brand Review: An e-zine that features Reviews on new brands.
TOA Entertainment: An imprint that coordinates the production, promotion, marketing and distribution of Music and other Sound content. It also scouts, identifies and manage associate brands.
Fuzzy Logic Systems: A service that helps brands to incorporate Digital Marketing campaigns into their trade.
PreCommunicate: A platform that enables brands to facilitate effective Communications and social conversations through Speaking and Writing.
TOA Store: A store that allows users to get TOA Group products.

In all we do, TOA Group will continue to strive to make sure that brands achieve what they set out to achieve. For us, branding is not about the projects, products and services that we create. Those aren’t the goals we set out to achieve. Rather, it is what brands do with these projects, products and services that inspire me and the team to do more.’

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  1. Toheeb Lanlehin

    Quite the visionary, sir. These services definitely have got potentials to position this group into the minds of men. It is a matter of effective execution and time- this might sound clichéd but it doesn’t make it any less true.
    It’s amazing what you’ve got here. Great work. 👍

  2. ADEJARE, Adebayo M.

    We (Amororo) would love to partner with TOA. Great concept and approach. It will make a whole lot of difference.

  3. Adegbuyi Micheal D

    Quite huge and fascinating. Very insightful into the future of branding.

  4. Mijinyawa Mijinyawa

    Well I have just come to terms with the possibility of achieving the set goals. Conscious and continuous efforts are the only things standing between TOA and worldwide acceptability not forgetting God is Able. I am forever committed to the course.

  5. Oladodu

    The future is ours to conquer!


  6. Taiwo Adetola

    This is a laudable initiative

  7. ogungbade babatunde oke

    Ore,Sedimentary is a strand of rock whose formation was propelled by mere particles,hitting on this type of lofty idea is akin to that of a cocoa farmer who kick-started his plantation by engaging in nursery process before transplanting the crop,belief I have that soonest u will be celebrated globally.keep it up.Yours I am

  8. Olapade J

    The Great Ore Afolayan, this is quite fascinating. greater heights