1. E-Commerce
    People are already use to buying stuff online and Amazon is like the biggest, online retail market place. Having said that, there are so many others you know, e-commerce players out there. So if you have a niche product or a niche category or topic and unique products that can really serve a market, you’ve got a huge opportunity waiting out there for you.
  2. Digital Consultancy
    Okay, there are a lot of experts and consultants who are doing really well right now and it’s a booming industry. But you got to really know what you’re doing. You cannot just become a consultant today just with some, little bit of an experience. You’ve got to really go deep, dig your well and consult and you have a great opportunity out there where you as an individual, you can consult and create good revenue for yourself.
  3. Content Marketing
    This is a huge industry. The way that people are gonna market in the future, even right now and heading into the future, is by first educating, engaging and then getting customers. It’s not just like a direct sale anymore because there are too many options in the market, there’s too much of noise in the market and if you have to stand out from the crowd you got to deliver the goods first. You got to deliver the right content. So content marketing is gonna be around for a long time.
  4. Influencer Marketing
    You can see Instagram & YouTube influencers are on the rise now and you know, brands want to contact these influencers and pay them to really shout out their message and influencers make a lot of money right now with this trend that’s moving up. So this is gonna grow even further.
  5. VR and AR
    One of the top growing industries is Virtual Reality and Augmented reality and its applications across multiple industries. So if you are somebody who has an aptitude for building applications around VR and AR and customizing them for different industries, you got a huge opportunity. You’re gonna be in business for a long time.
  6. Gaming industry
    Gaming is gonna be a huge, huge industry. It’s already a multi-billion dollar industry at this point and we’re gonna look at gaming in all kinds of scenarios, especially with VR coming in, you know. Especially now let’s say big movies, block buster movies coming in where they launch even the games along with that. Gaming with movies and all the other apparel that comes with it, it’s a huge industry.
  7. Cyber Security.
    Another growing industry with so many hacks and trick. If you are somebody who’s an ethical hacker and who has the ability to really crack and do it for a good reason, then you will be in demand.
  8. Financial Technology.
    The way that we use money, the way that we actually transact. We’ve already seen the first wave of blockchain. Cryptocurrencies it had it rise and fall. Crypto, the specific currencies may rise and fall but if you look at the concept of blockchain and financial technology as a whole and how governments will start to adopt this in the future. That’s a huge opportunity there.

Financial Technology

So considering this, these are the top 8 booming industries in the digital age.

I hope you found this useful because by you being aware that these are the things coming up, you can start to make some shifts in your careers.🙂

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