In recent times, it is very obvious that the current fashion trends in Nigeria stem from. The Nigerian fashion industry has seen a change in recent years, especially in the traditional scene.

Evolution of Traditional Fashion Styles

Fashion is art and a statement of personal style, in Nigeria, fashion started traditionally and has taken dimensional forms even in recent times.

Nigerian Traditional Fashion Styles
Nigerian Traditional Fashion Styles: A Yoruba man and woman

fashion began in the 80s, you can see some examples HERE

Evolution of Traditional Styles in the 70’s

Traditional styles in the 70s can be traced to the aftermath of the impact of colonialism. Traditional styles in the 70’s was a sight to behold. With Geles that ran from Ikeja to Badagary and intricate beaded necklaces.

Click HERE to learn how to tie gele.

Traditional Styles in the 70’s was a funny one. Music makers wore danshiki on a bootcut.njujho qwuhuidsjoja iuiashuihas hysakhihihsa yagsihusahoui uiasucbiojsoij iuguhoishaioa uiioxioaaUB HHIJDXI SF WS WD SF FWFW WD W W F WF W F FW FE GR GT T GIHUH UUIHU OHIOOOOOOOU TYHUI TUYIK


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