With its theme -Dare To Be Abnormal, a ted event held at UI. TedxUI held on Saturday, 8th of July, 2017 and brought Thought leaders from all over the country to the prestigious University of Ibadan. The educative and entertaining event spurred creative and novel thinking amongst its over 100 participants.

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Featuring Speakers such as Deji Haastrup, Chiamaka Okoro, Prof. Adejuwon and many others, the event held at UI’s Faculty of The Social Sciences.

The talks discussed were;
Challenging the norm by Demi Haastrup

I beg not to apply by Femi Daniel
Amaka Social Prefect’s

Who sex epp by Grace Adejuwon

Silence means consent by Adeyemi Idowu

Startup Journey by Igwe Stanley
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by Kayode Babarinde

Is NIGERIA technologically ready by Oluwaseun David

Fearless, fly high by Chiamaka Okoro

Dare to be abnormal by Seun Fakorede.

Speaking on the success of the event, the TedxUI team via a Facebook post remarked;

“A journey of a thousand miles can never end on a thousand steps” – Adeyemi Idowu, Speaker, TEDxUI 2017.

It is true that that which has a beginning must necessarily have an end, and a race beginning with a starting line must unfold eventually into a finishing line. Perhaps this is why the concept of “perpetual motion” remains but a concept, unable to transit into the realm of reality.

TEDxUI 2017 has come and gone, after several months of planning, cancelling and replanning, of meetings, brainstorming and plot twists, of disappointments, climaxes and anticlimaxes, of joys, sorrows and mixed feelings. After all is said and done, it is true after all what they say, that all is well that ends well.

But TEDxUI could not have ended well without the burning tenacity of our volunteers, the cooperation of our speakers, the backing or our staff advisers, the firm support of university staff and dons, the kind generosity of sponsors and benefactors and the unflinching enthusiasm of attendees.

We have you all to thank! Certain we are that your rewards lie patiently in wait in the palms of the future. The seeds of sacrifice you have sown shall grow soon into a giant tree of joy and prosperity.

We hope to do this again some other time. But, in the meantime, you may anticipate the release of photos of the event soon.

Do not also forget these four words, which unlock potentials previously hidden and the gospel of which we have preached for a long while:



For some of the speakers, it was their first the visiting the famed UI. While other speakers were alumni of the institution.

In a related development, Chiamaka Obuekwe, CEO of Social Prefect Tours was excited at fulfilling her dream of becoming a TED Speaker as she took to Photo-sharing app, Instagram to express her delight.


Ore Afolayan reports from Ibadan, Nigeria.

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