Bad News – Ads are getting more and more expensive,
Good News – There is a simple yet often overlooked solution that you can use to earn as much profit as you can per visitor,

Upselling and Downselling!

What is upselling?
Upselling is a sales technique used after the customer purchases a particular product. This technique works by adding more related products to the customer’s purchase.
For example,
A customer purchases a certain tool. Then he would be upsold similar (usually more expensive) tools and then at the end will be upsold an entire toolkit!

An upsell is pretty easy to set up but can make DRASTIC changes.
I mean, why wouldn’t you set up an upsell?
It costs you nothing and you can make much more money per customer.
Same goes for downselling.

Downselling is a sales technique used if the visitor doesn’t purchase a particular product. He is then usually offered a lower end related product.
For example, you are selling an expensive product but for a certain visitor, it is expensive so he decides not to buy. Then you try to sell him less expensive, smaller but related tool.
That’s downselling!

Combine these two and you’re on a road to making much more money per visitor.

BONUS TIPS: You can upsell a downsell and downsell your upsell!
Somebody buys your downsell? Good, upsell them!
Somebody doesn’t buy your upsell? No worries, just downsell them!
That’s it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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