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Utilizing YouTube Video Marketing in 2020 and beyond: Way Forward

Thinking about going HARD on YouTube in 2020?

Here are 3 reasons why if you wait till 2020, that’s a HUGE mistake.

1. YouTube pays you the most in December cause advertisers spend a crap ton in Q4(October- December).

Every December, I notice around 20% MORE ad revenue in Dec than other months (even on vids 18-month old +)

A friend makes about $4k-$5k/mo on YouTube if you’re curious.
I know it’s not these $80k+ months you’re seeing from marketers flexing course sales…

MASSIVE POINT: YouTube is NOT ad revenue. Think of ad rev like your “tip jar” – it’s just a bonus. Your REAL money is made on the backend.

2. Free organic traffic that lives on & sells for you for months, years to come. Not to mention super searchable!

3. People watch you more in December
I’ve noticed a huge uptick in all metrics during Dec (views, discovery, watch time, etc)

This is a PERFECT time for you to start taking your channel seriously and reach people while they’re watching more vids.

Probably cause everyone stays in and watches more stuff during the holidays.

Okay, this is something we do for people refusing to settle and they love it. So challenge yourself to post a video NO MATTER WHAT every day for 30 days.


The ONLY goal is to get better on video.
Moving into 2020, you’ll be so dialed & see video isn’t that hard or intimidating
then you can drop down to 3x a week
btw – posting freq I’ve found work best is 3x week, 7-15 min videos, at 8PM Nigerian time

Start going hard in December! Doing a “30 for 30” challenge – post a video every day for 30 days.

LASTLY… don’t listen to marketers and people saying that “It’s too competitive to start YouTube” or “too crowded” – people have literally been saying that since time immemorial.

PS: what questions do you have about growing your YT channel organically?

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