We engage in “Value stacking” in Personal Branding and Marketing everyday of our everyday lives.

Question: do our materialistic possessions impact the way people perceive us and our value?

Value Stacking in Personal Branding and Marketing
Value Stacking in Personal Branding and Marketing: An Expose

It does.

I’m also about to explain why rich people buy expensive things – it helps them stay rich! (with the exception of a few…)

Wearing Rolex/expensive watches/jewellery demonstrates wealth (a.k.a success). You are trusted more, paid attention to more, respected more.

You would trust your bank manager more in an expensive suit vs. wearing sweat pants and a vest. If you package up a jar of air in a premium looking box – you can definitely sell it for more.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO usually wears a hoodie – but has been appearing in a suit in front of Congress.

This helps his image – especially since the regulators aren’t trusting him with Libra currency at the moment.

In your marketing – brand colours and fancy logos aren’t everything – but they play a very important role in how people perceive you – more importantly – how they behave towards you.

If your goal is to book strategy sessions – your messaging and visual impact DOES influence if prospects believe they can just “no-show” you, or just reschedule at will.

When rich people hit a certain level of wealth – and you see them buying fancy cars, houses, etc. It’s not always that they’re just showing off – for some, it helps them attract more wealth through their new “expensive” image.

But undoubtedly, it helps them resonate and accept their own net worth in their own minds, so when they’re making high-ticket sales and decisions – they don’t feel like an imposter.

They’re not asking for million dollar deals whilst they’re driving a Toyota Prius.

Rather, when handling that kind of money is the norm – it helps them come across more confident.

Hope this post helps you:

1. Reflect how you come across in your marketing.

2. Understand why some rich people make certain decisions.

I am Ore Afolayan. I think I have spoken.

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  1. Feyisara

    I’m off to re-branding my whole self right away..
    Thank you for this eye opening post.

  2. Oluwakemisola

    Personal Branding gives you Confidence, command respect and boost your deportment.

    Thanks for the post it’s inspiring.