Someone once asked a member of our team; “Though I’m a newbie. But why do people hire others to do their Facebook ads? Don’t you just target your audience, make adjustments, split test? Do Facebook Ad experts have a guarantee that you won’t lose money? Otherwise why not try on your own? Not a rhetorical question, really trying to learn..

The team member of ours got in touch with other team members and we came up with some responses.

Our Responses from Members of our Team

1. You can’t do everything if you’re going to scale 7-8 figures.

2. That attitude is not different from saying you can defend yourself in court yourself. Of course, you can. You might get 10 years instead of 15…Or you could pay for a lawyer and do no time.

3. Let’s say you give Ads a shot. You invest 5k in ads and make 7.5k return… cool.
Lets now say you pay an expert that 7.5k to run your ads… and you make 20k. No brainer really.

4. I’m a copywriter. Let’s say a brand makes 100k a month from emails doing it themselves. It takes them 5 hours a week to write these emails. Awesome.
Now let’s say I jump in, they pay me a few grand a month to do their emails…. now they make 250k a month from their emails.
Now, not only are they making a shit load more cash, but they’ve freed up another 5 hours a week (minus half an hour a week to approve the emails) to invest in other areas of the business.
Or just enjoy 5 hours a week more with their family, playing/watching football or getting drunk and partying. Good investment, I reckon. Ps I’m not being an ass, just tryna illustrate it for you

5. Its the same as anything else. You can do it yourself and suffer the learning curve or you can hire a Professional to come in and get your results as quickly as possible.

6. Facebook made it super easy to burn through your money. All the very best!

7. Regular business owners don’t always have the time to do their own ads and the knowledge of getting the perfect campaign running.

yeh its super easy. just turn it “on” and then money goes into your bank account…. Seriously, the concept is easy to grasp. In reality, it is
difficult skill to master. The experience of actually running ad campaigns for various businesses and the hours put in learning all of the finer details
and testing different approaches is what you pay for when hiring an expert as that is more likely to get results. You’re not likely to get a guarantee of
any income returns, maybe guarantees of leads or traffic.
If you go into running ads yourself, then just make sure you learn the platform first and understand the different campaign types and understand that you’ll need to have a complete funnel set up that is optimised to have any chance of success. Or an already proven product. DON’T be one of those
idiots that says “i spent $50 on ads and havent made anything back yet”. Even with products that sell elsewhere, you should set aside $1000 to
optimise new facebook campaigns and test – that still doesnt guarantee success or positive ROAS,


Copywriting is hard. Even if you navigate your way around Facebook Ads, you need the right Copies to grab the attention of the customers.

There’s a lot that goes into managing campaigns.
Personally I’d rather focus on my strengths and leave Facebook Ads to people who get off on metrics.

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