The biggest misunderstanding so many of us have is that we believe we control everything within our business.
We don’t. Our customers do.

Everything comes down to your customers.
If you aren’t selling as many offers as you want, whether you’re a coach, consultant, course creator, it doesn’t matter what business it is, it comes back to your customers.
What you THINK people want from you is probably wrong, ask and survey your customers to see what they want from you.

Here is how to gear your business toward your customers so you can scale, sell more, or do whatever you really want.

Create actionable content that helps your niche

Everyone says; “post content”. We all know this.

But, we need to know what your content is supposed to do! Your content must do a couple of things. It must solve your niche’s micro problems, hit their pain points, educate them, show them their current situation, their desired situation, break preconceived notions and position you as an expert + a few other things.

Your content must get your audience to know, like, and trust you. No one buys from those who they don’t know, like or trust. Your content 80-90% of the time should be helping them, and the rest about you.

Everyone is interested in what’s in it for them. They’re your focus. And content is a huge piece out of all of this and it’s because content creates a relationship with your audience if they are consuming it!

If your niche gets no benefit from watching your content then you failed.


Create your funnels and lead magnets around something that’ll help them

Same principle applies here, what does your audience need help with.

Create your funnel around that problem.

Whether it’s a lead magnet funnel, case study funnel, webinar funnel, etc. it does not matter. It’s all the same. Your whole funnel should be around a few problems your audience has.

You must speak to these problems, have copy that speaks directly to the reader, your video must grab their attention and help them see their current situation and why they are stuck, present them with a new opportunity…

Which leads me to my next point. Understand their problems before selling.

Craft your offer to solve their problems

Why are so many people wasting their time and money on funnels or ads that don’t work? Because they don’t listen. Because they never even listened to what their market or ideal customer wanted.

The funnel doesn’t need to look like a million bucks to convert.

Your offer should be a product that solves your ideal customer’s problems and helps them go from their current situation to their desired situation. It should be an exact roadmap, everything they need, from A to Z.

Your offer as well should be unique and not the same as everyone else.

Make it more valuable too, show why it’s different, why it’s priced the way it is, what they can get from you, what your competitors can’t offer etc. I’ve seen EVERYONE have the same offer as everyone else today.

I see so many supposed experts, coaches or course creators just ripping off people’s marketing campaigns because they think that converts well. It does but not for you, you can’t steal someone else’s offer or messaging.

That’s crafted for them and their audience.

Be a scientist of your own and create everything around your audience.
If you were to believe that you control your business and you know exactly what

  • Kind of content works
  • Kind of funnel to build for the best conversions
  • Kind of offer will convert best
    Then you should already be making 6-7 Figures, because for you to know all of that means you have done serious market research…
    Your customers control your business.
    Help them get what they want.
    Side note: I’m aware there are situations and businesses where the customers really don’t want what you’re offering and it may be proven they need you. There are some weird situations like these and I won’t get into them. But even still, it is your job to get the customer to understand they need or want what you’re offering.

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